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BE ready - Impact Creator in MICE crisis management

The topic of crisis management for events is close to our hearts! We see ourselves as a MICE crisis management impact creator with a focus on incident response management.

This is based on our many years of expertise in the planning and implementation of events. From our own practical experience, we can say with certainty that anticipating worst-case scenarios and developing measures will have a positive impact on any event. That is why we have developed the special “Incident Response Management for Events” and are the first company to offer such a service.

With our tool kit, we help you not only to be prepared for unforeseen challenges at events, but also to take active action. We provide the right tools to better deal with potential incidents.

Why is crisis management for events important and more relevant than ever?

Events such as demonstrations, disasters or pandemics can affect an event just as much as incidents during the event itself.

In today’s dynamic times, crisis management is therefore an indispensable part of any event concept. Guests, employees and service providers expect event organizers to have the situation under control.

Reputation management and crisis communication is a key issue here, because every crisis also involves a communication crisis.

Our BE Ready offers

  • We advise organisers of all event formats, such as agencies, associations and venues.

  • We advise companies that organise events for their brands. Often they already have their own BCM or crisis management in place, but a detailed event crisis management concept for incident response management has not yet been created.

  • We offer training for event and marketing specialists and train MICE crisis managers. Our training courses create awareness and enable event planners to become “crisis-ready”.

We are happy to support your event as an on-site incident response manager.

Advice for event planners

We advise event planners on the planning and implementation of their events

Advice for
Companies with crisis management

We advise companies that organize events for their brands.

Trainings and lectures

We offer training for event and marketing specialists andtrain MICE crisis managers.

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